Mahindra Rodeo RZ Review, Test Ride

By Dhruv Behl | on October 10, 2012

Mahindra has come out with an exciting new scooter – Rodeo RZ – with features never before seen in the Indian scooter market. We go on a ride to check it out and do our Mahindra Rodeo RZ.

The Mahindra Rodeo RZ is now better than the previous generation Rodeo in every way possible. Don’t get me wrong, the previous model Rodeo was a good product, but with the attention to detail that Mahindra has put into the new model makes it a shining star. While it does keep the same 125cc engine that powered the previous models, it delivers more power and torque, but only by a miniscule figure – the power output from the engine is now somewhere close to 9bhp and has 9Nm of torque. The ride event was in Mumbai and I got an up-close and personal look at the Rodeo RZ and took it for a spin around the famous Film City. At first sight the Rodeo RZ looks great, since it has got a very modern design approach with its sleek lines, bright colours and decals. It also looks bigger than the previous model, but that is because it has been raised up to give it a 24mm increase in its ground clearance, a good decision by the Mahindra engineers considering the preposterous road conditions of the country.

Mahindra Rodeo RZ Static

As we sat on the Rodeo RZ for our Mahindra Rodeo RZ, we immediately felt the higher stance, and especially loved the seating position. I have ridden many different scooters, and the seating position on this – for a guy who is over 6 feet tall – was very comfortable, and the seat itself was nicely cushioned. The 125cc engine is quite and once you turn the throttle up, it gets going. The Rodeo RZ is really easy to handle – it is brilliant and actually quite fun and the lovely suspension setup, which uses telescopic forks at the front and a single shock absorber at the rear, is the most remarkable thing.

There is nothing really exciting about the acceleration of the Rodeo RZ especially since I also weigh over 100 kilos, but I will tell you that the acceleration is linear and smooth and after a while the Rodeo gets going. Mahindra have installed something known as Dual Curve Digital Ignition System which has helped the 125cc engine gain a little more power without an alteration to its fuel efficiency, in fact the new Rodeo claims an astounding 59kmpl. I rode the Rodeo on some steep hills as well as bumpy roads, and it handled very well in all conditions. The roads were also a bit wet, and the tyres didn’t really give the best grip, but nonetheless the ride was smooth and almost effortless. The only problem I had was with the brakes, especially the front.

Now on to those ground breaking features I mentioned earlier. The first thing you will notice when you sit on the bike is that the fuel lid is located on the front of the bike under the left side of the handlebar. This makes it very convenient for the rider to re-fuel. The next thing you will notice is that there is also a power outlet so the young Indian of today who is constantly with an electronic gadget can charge his or her device. Another boon for the Rodeo is that the storage space under the seat is a massive 22 litres, and to add a nice and really convenient touch, there is an LED light to help you look for something when it’s dark.

The instrument cluster is also completely digital and you have the option to change the backlight colour to suit your own mood or liking. These features really give the Rodeo an edge over their competitors. But it ultimately all comes down to pricing, and I really hope that Mahindra prices it right because it’s a great product for the growing Indian market. Other than that there isn’t anything else to add. The Rodeo looks good, rides good, has enough power for the urban streets and delivers great fuel effecieny, plus it has great features which adds a cherry on top, what else could you ask for???

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