Lamborghini Aventador Successor Global Debut Soon: What to Expect?

The anticipation for Lamborghini's upcoming V12 supercar to be unveiled is palpable. In advance of its debut on March 29, 2023, the automaker has provided us with some crucial information about the upcoming supercar's powertrain and the technologies it will have.

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On March 29, Lamborghini will unveil its first plug-in hybrid supercar, which will take the place of the Aventador. It will feature a new V12 engine alongside three electric motors to produce a maximum output of 1,000bhp. As initially reported, the new 6.5-litre V12, known as L545, is the lightest and most powerful engine the luxury carmaker has ever produced, weighing 218 kilograms. Following its debut, it will be the most potent Lamborghini in the company's entire history. Moreover, it marks the beginning of a new era for the Italian brand's electrification while also letting its iconic V12 engine continue instead of being discontinued due to more stringent emissions regulations. There is no official word on when this new V12 Supercar will be made available in India. However, industry rumours suggest that the successor to the classic Aventador will arrive in India later this year. Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming supercar.

Lamborghini LB744 Side Profile 1

Lamborghini LB744: Powertrain Details

Lamborghini's powertrain is a 6.5-litre V12 dubbed the L545. By producing 825bhp of maximum power at 9,250rpm and 725Nm of peak torque at 6,750rpm, this V12 variant is also the most potent one to date. It is 17 kilograms lighter than the Aventador's engine at 218 kilograms. Compared to the Aventador Ultimae, the compression ratio has increased to 12.8:1. According to the luxury manufacturer, careful consideration was given to the soundtrack. Three electric motors are used, two of which are located in the gearbox and mounted at the front and rear, respectively. 150bhp of power and 350Nm of torque are generated by each of the front motors.

It is the third V12 Lamborghini to use this configuration, with a brand-new eight-speed dual-clutch transmission mounted transversely behind the longitudinally mounted V12. In comparison to the Huracan's 7-speed double clutch, this gearbox is lighter and shifts more quickly. third electric motor, 150bhp and 150Nm of torque. There is no doubt that the Aventador's replacement will have four-wheel drive as well thanks to the two electric motors up front. The 3.8kWh battery pack that is located in the central tunnel enables the LB744 to run entirely on electric power due to the motors.

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Lamborghini LB744: Exterior Styling

Although there has been no official confirmation as of yet, reports suggest that the new V12 supercar will resemble the angular Lamborghini Aventador in the front. The tri-arrow LED daytime running lights for the Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 will likely be placed below the supercar's triangle headlamps. Two top-mounted exhaust pipes will possibly be surrounded by triangle-shaped taillights on the supercar's rear end. The new supercar might also have a single-pane glass with air vents on either side, unlike the Aventador, which had a three-pane rear window over the engine.

Lamborghini LB744: Interior 

Lamborghini LB744 Interior

The interior of the new Lamborghini LB744 has only been teased by a single image, which features a new steering wheel and digital driver's display. There is still room behind the steering wheel for some large paddle shifters because the majority of the controls for the indicators, wipers, and lights are still buttons. Although the Aventador is unquestionably a unique place to sit, the design is now more than ten years old. The new model will likely have more screens and may take design cues from the more recent Urus SUV.

Lamborghini LB744: Driving Modes

For the LB744, the hybrid system expands the range of possible driving experiences to 13, in all. The familiar, but expanded, driving modes are efficiency-focused Citta (City), grand touring Strada, sport, corsa, and performance. The LB744 offers the most power possible in Performance mode, totalling 1,000bhp from the three e-motors and V12 engine. With a power limit of only 180bhp, Citta mode claims to transform the supercar into an entirely different beast. The e-motors enable electronic torque vectoring, which can be used to send power to any wheel in order to maximise traction. The LB744 even has rear-wheel steering.

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Lamborghini LB744: Launch Timeline

There is currently no precise information available regarding the new supercar's official launch in India. The Urus, the Huracan, and the Aventador are the three Lamborghini models that are currently available for purchase in the country. Market rumours claim that later this year, the luxury automaker will bring the eagerly anticipated V12 supercar. For now, the V12 supercar is set to debut on March 29 globally. More information about the vehicle is anticipated to surface closer to the debut.

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